How to Style: Ballet Pumps

• 29 January 2016

Pumps have been a must-have item in every woman's wardrobe for a while now, and there have never been so many styles to choose from! From the plain black ballet pump to glittery and embellished pairs, there's something for everyone. Yet despite how familiar we are with pumps, there is a misconception that they aren't exciting or elegant to wear, and should be saved for the days you don't want to make an effort. Look your best while giving your feet a break by keeping these simple tips in mind!

Pay attention to the fit...of your trousers
Nothing looks sloppier than a pair of pumps worn with trousers that are too baggy or too long, which end up piling around the top of the shoe or worse- dragging on the floor. Always make sure you wear your pumps with trousers that have a perfect fit, especially if they are bootlegs. To make your look even more modern, wear trousers with a skinny leg (again, not too long!) or a pair of ankle grazers.

Invest in hosiery
If you are hesitant to wear pumps with more formal looks, remember that hosiery makes the difference. Invest in good quality pantihose to wear with your pumps, and you look more put-together instantly. If the weather is hot, a sheer pair will do, and if you are wearing trousers, a pair of ankle-length pantihose will tie your look together nicely. If you are buying a skin-coloured pair, try to match your skintone as closely as possible to avoid looking "dusty"!

Not all pumps are created equal
To look your best, you must feel your best. Pumps can put strain on your feet if they lack support, they pinch, or they leave part of the toe exposed- as you then strain your feet while walking to keep them on. Make sure you buy good quality pairs for walking, and always get your size. If you need to stretch a pair of pumps out before wearing, try wearing them around your house a few times while wearing a pair of thick socks. Some materials are also hot in the Summer or cold in the Winter, so always keep in mind what you need from your footwear so that you feel and look your best!


Stephanie Taderera is the Communications Liaison Officer at Edgars Stores Ltd.