Investing in Winter

Nyasha Mavu • 8 April 2016

Compared to the gloomy, rainy weather, I will take some sunshine any day. The cool summer breeze on my skin and vibrant colours  dancing in the sky. The Summer  is such a beautiful time of the year and I never want it to end but sadly, it always does.

The gorgeous sunshine and clear skies give way to dark clouds and harsh winds that are usually freezing. Dressing up can be such a headache, especially when you are trying to find something warm and comfortable, quickly. Being fashionable and stylish is not really a top priority, understandably. But what if I told you it can be?

For me, the key is early PREPARATION. I am always fascinated when people start running around in a frenzy at the last possible minute in search of winter clothes like they had no idea it was going to get cold. As a 'liker' of things, I start stocking up on winter goodies mid March and slowly build my killer winter collection. Zero pressure, zero stress!

Did you know that most shops start displaying winter pieces months in advance? Making it really easy to start purchasing key pieces for winter.  Growing up, my dad used to do this really annoying thing every time he gave me pocket money- he would insist that I save a portion of it to guarantee the next month's allowance. You can only imagine how much I hated his little savings plan, I wanted to spend all the money! It was mine! It didn't make any sense to me but if I am being honest it has been one of the best principles my dad has secretly taught me. Only now do I appreciate and understand the lesson, so much so that I have started to incorporate it in my shopping habits. Together with his savings plan, dad always encouraged me to focus on quality more than quantity. He always says "you would rather have one great blouse than ten bad ones."

So just like dad taught me, I started putting twenty dollars aside for my winter fund in January!  You would not believe it, I have already found some cute winter pieces in one place. Just when I thought it could not get any better, it actually does!ll the winter pieces I have found have been under twenty dollars. Unbelievable right?

I can only get such amazing deals in one place, JET stores! I have been a loyal JET customer for 6 years (even before they started operating in Zimbabwe) but am still astonished by the value I get for my money. So far, I have gotten a black Parka for $19.95 and a grey and black sweatshirt for $17.95. The important thing is to start early without breaking the bank. Go for quality at a well established store i.e. JET to get value for your money.

The cold will not get me down! I'm locked and loaded, ready to face the cold. Run over to the nearest JET store and check out all the winter goodies they have and start stocking up. You don't want to be the only left out in the cold!

Style Squad Zim