The Stylish Man: Winter 2016

• 13 May 2016

Long gone are the days where fashion was only for the ladies- now fashion is for everyone, even the gentlemen!

I see a lot of men becoming stylish and fashionable lately. As much as men appreciate fashion, i've noticed they are very careful not to break the bank,so one great store that caters for all mens fashion needs and wants, and will save him a lot of coins, is Jet!
We have what we call the "casual guy"; this is that guy who, nomatter what, is always in casual clothing. A jeans and T-shirt type of guy. Well, jet has lovely and strong denims at affordable prices. Just make sure you use the fitting rooms  and get your size. Do not buy an oversized pair of jeans this will only make you look bigger, and you end up looking funny because your upper torso will be small. As for t-shirts, there is a wide range of classic v-necks and round necks.

Being a casual guys does not mean it's t-shirts all day everyday, you can switch things up by combining a well fitted jean with a classy shirt.Yes, if paired correctly a jean and a shirt can transform your look. When you combine the two, do make sure not to wear a cap though, as it will defeat the purpose of the whole "classy but not trying too hard" look.

Track pants, if worn the right way, can also be a fashion do. They are also not too expensive, and when you wear sweat pants you can either go for the one-toe sandals or sneakers that do not have alot going on, such as all sorts of colors. Formal leather shoes are not to be worn with tracksuits under any circumstances, that is the worst fashion crime you can commit! They go well with formal trousers that fit well and are not too big. You can then throw on your sleek belt,for that extra touch.
Belts are an important part of a man's outfit. Invest in a leather belt that can either be brown or black. Never go for bold or bright colours when you're going for the formal look. Do, however, rock your bold coloured belts for the casual look.
Invest in a "murse", i.e. a sling leather bag for men. You can put your phone,vaseline and anything else you need. A murse can go with any outfit.

With Winter  upon us, men should invest in pairs of socks to avoid a smelly situation. The trick to choosing the right pair for an outfit is looking at the colour- you do not want to be rocking a bright yellow pair of socks with a formal outfit! For your formal looks, go for the not so bright colours like your blacks and browns.

The correct under garments are a must too. If you are a boxer type of guy, do not buy too big a size as this will be visible on your trousers and make it seem like you're layering clothes,, if you are a small buy a small, if you're a medium do not go for large, buy your medium. And if you not sure of your size just make use of those fitting rooms.

Enjoy affordable mens fashion at Jet, because at the end of it al-l when you look good you feel good and you do good!