How to Style a Trend!

Tendai Kamusikiri • 17 June 2016

Don’t you love a good trend? It is always exciting to jump on the bandwagon of a trending item, whether it being clothing, luggage, accessories or a gadget. Trending items make for a good show and fashion statement, with onlookers admiring the latest style! But with so many trends dominating at once, how do you incorporate them all? And how do you make them all stand out? Well it is simple as mixing and matching, co-ordination and making a single trend work for you!

Master the art of Mixing and Matching(Power Clashing)
Sometimes when a trend comes along, it comes in a variety of different styles. Take for example the reigning African Fashion trend; there are soo many styles, cuts, designs and looks to choose from that an individual simply cannot choose one! So what to do? The quick trick is to mix and match different patterns and fabrics, and by this it must be done very carefully.  One could start with a printed head wrap, further adding a printed kimono or sleeveless blazer completing the look with a monotone colour. Another clever way is to power clash your prints at the same time; a striped blouse with a printed skirt? How about an African printed dress complete with a polka dot sleeveless blazer? Find your ground by cleverly mixing and matching trends.

A Simple “C”:  Co-ordinate
The simple rule of co-ordination is to synchronize. How would you synchronize if you may ask? You pick a single trend and build your look with that item. Going back to our African Fashion trend, we could begin building a look from a single accessory such as a clutch, handbag, neckpiece, earrings or shoes. From there you can co-ordinate your entire outfit according to the colour(s) of your accessory whether it maybe the dress, skirt, blouse or trousers whichever suits your fancy, so as to achieve the final result. The whole concept behind co-ordination is the building factor and making the trendy item the centre of attention.

Sometimes Less is MORE
People tend to misconstrue what a “trend” really means, and ultimately it means it is only around for a season and not a lifetime. Now this doesn’t mean you need to heavily depend or invest in a trend, because in a short while a new one will come along. If however you do wish to invest in a trend, carefully pick one that works with your lifestyle, budget, body and ultimately your personal style. The secret to styling a trend is adding it to your existing closet.  Do not go overboard with a trend by wearing Dashiki from head to toe, it is a huge no-no and it only makes one look tacky.


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