Three Essential Dresses Every Woman Must own

Sharron Mungazi • 13 March 2017

Dresses, for most women are go-to items for special occasions - weddings, job interviews or funerals.  Dresses are even perfect on those days when you have no energy and desire to put effort into what you wear, grabbing a dress from your closet can solve your problem. You won’t have to rummage through your closet in the hopes of finding something that will go with your favourite pair of go-to jeans and you’ll still appear effortlessly stylish. Even if you prefer pants and skirts, you should still have a few dresses stashed at the back of your closet for the days you absolutely need them.
1.  Maxi Dresses
The idea that only tall women can pull off maxi dresses is definitely a misconception. Maxi dresses work on an individual level, so don’t count yourself out if you lean towards the shorter side. Since long flowing dresses are a go-to summer uniform for many women, you need to style them perfectly. When styled right, these floor-sweeping frocks take on an ethereal vibe that’s beautiful for summer, both day and night. To ensure you’re wearing yours in the most stylish way possible, give it a try and find something that flatters your figure. Maxi dresses work greatly especially for people who tend to be heavier on the bottom half of the body.
2. Casual Floral Dress
During the past few seasons, fashion trends have evolved especially during the spring and summer seasons.  If your wardrobe is filled with mostly solids, especially in dark colours, adding a burst of summer with a floral dress can be just what’s needed for building an interesting outfit and injecting some personality into your look.  Make sure your dress is bursting with florals to add that dose of life. You may also need to take note of the scale of the floral patterns if you are trying to create an illusion on some of the body parts. The scale of the floral pattern should align with the frame of the figure wearing it. A large floral pattern can overwhelm a petite woman. A miniature pattern can look too dainty on a woman with a larger frame. Other factors to consider are the placement of the patterns and the contrast of the colours. If the floral is not in a pattern that repeats all over the garment, look closely at which part of the figure is being highlighted by the placement of the print on the body.
3. The Little Black Dress
This is the most popular gem in every fashionista’s closet. Everyone talks about the importance of having a great little black dress (LBD) hanging in the closet, but most people don't fully grasp just how versatile and valuable it can be! Seriously, there are unlimited ways to style your LBD, and if you’re creative, you’ll never have to wear it the same way twice. To fully utilize your little black dress, you will need to know the many different ways to style it.
Here are some of the ways you can style your LBD:
• Throw on your favourite accessory. Whether it's a great scarf, a stylish broach, or classic pearls. Bold colours, metallics, and bright prints are great for adding impact and visual interest to your look.
• A slim-fitting LBD paired together with the right top or skirt can double as a great basic top or black skirt. Just make sure your skirt is long enough so your dress doesn't peek out from underneath!
• Add a belt. A little black dress almost always benefits from the addition of a great belt. It breaks up the dress and highlights your waist to create an hourglass shape—which looks great on nearly everyone.
So much can be done to style the little black dress. An LBD is basically a blank canvas—you can literally dress it up any way you want! So, I recommend splurging for at least one high-quality LBD that’s classic in style. It's a fashion investment that's definitely worth making.
Those are the top three dresses every woman should own. Keep in mind that a dress doesn't have to be expensive to be made well. Are the shoulder seams and hems neat and even? Are the bust darts subtle? Does the fabric feel nice? If the answer to any of the above yes, then buy it.