Protective Hairstyles that We Swear By!!

Farirai Macheka • 29 June 2018

Split ends, dry hair? We can relate, winter is the banning of every woman's hair. While the temptation to show off your beautiful hair is too strong, we advise that it’s best to tuck your hair in protective hairstyles and flaunt your strands in summer. We have outlined some protective hairstyles that will put you at an advantage because:

  • Protect your ends and your hair underneath

  • Prevent excessive pulling

  • Improved hair Growth

Below are some of the hairstyles that will keep your hair protected all winter.



Cornrows might haunt you as that hairstyle that contributed to unfortunate high school plain Jane look. But don't rule them out so quickly! News flash, they are trending. Usually cornrows are done using hair only but adding braids spices up the look elevating them from 'simple look' to a level up. Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige are some of the international stars that have turned to the style and you need to be taking cues from the fashion icon. The beauty about cornrows is that they are your get up and go hairstyle they need no styling. They protect your hair from regular styling and manipulation which is potentially not good for your hair. You can own the look by adding designs or patterns to the style thereby personalising it and making it truly yours.



Faux Locs

By the way, faux locs are trendy this winter. Fashion fiends like Megan Good, Nomzamo Mbatha and Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa have rocked this look. The faux locs are done using acrylic wool, crocheting braids etc. For a more natural look we advise you to use synthetic hair that best matches your hair texture. For those with deep pockets, you can invest in Marley hair gives a more natural look


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  • Why Faux Locs-

If you are not a fan of natural dread locs then faux locs are for you. Real locs require maintenance and are often permanent. With faux locs long term relationship is out of the question as they are not permanent you can remove them without necessary cutting your hair and move on to the next hair style.


  • Colour

Just because it`s winter it doesn’t mean the hairdo has to be boring. You can rock a single colour or you can fuse two colours to make your look more stylish

This hairstyle allows you an opportunity to forget about those trips to the salon for about one or two month. 



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Box Braids

Box braids, thick, long, or short honestly the choice is yours. There are many of box braids. One thing we are sure of, is that they will take your breath away and do the same to those that see you. Our tip, ensure that you protect the fine hairs along the hairline by not incorporating them.


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  1. Types of Braids

Poetic Justice is a timeless classic. If you lived in the era of Boom Shaka (Thembi Seete and Lebo Mathosa) then you have that dejavu moment with this type box braids. They are thick and long. If you do not like long braids the bob would work. Bob Box braids are chic edgy and flattering.



  1. Moisturise - You need to ensure that you keep your scalp moist. This can be easily achieved by using braid spray to keep your hair moisturised.

  2. Headwraps - Wear head wraps when retiring to bed as they help to ensure hairstyle longevity and to avoid messing the pillows with the hair oils etc.

  3. Styling - When styling you must not pull your hair too tight- we do not want your hairline to recede. Constant pulling weakens your hair.

Jane  Macheka


The beauty about these trendy hairdos is that you can also rock them in summer!!!So enjoy the season and keep trendy.