8 Valentines Basic Rules

Farirai Macheka • 4 February 2019

Let’s face it, thinking of a Valentines gift or what to wear on a dinner date can be nerve wrecking.  There are cardinal sins that one should not even attempt to commit. We know your mama raised you well but there are rules that you might break unconsciously or consciously. To top it off we all know men and women don't truly understand each other at times and there are basic rules that might ruin this romantic day if they are not adhered to.  We have rounded up some general etiquette tips and rules for both men and women.

Dress up

Its date night so trade your romper and be impeccably dressed for the date. The rule of thumb is to ensure that you are not overdressed or underdressed. If it’s a dinner date you can celebrate the day in an outfit with playful print or solid colour, top it up with a clutch bag. For the gents, you can rock your power coloured suit in dark hues. For casual dates, you and your partner can test drive your denims and white sneakers. After all, twinning is part of couples’ goals.

Say happy Valentines

Thanks to technology there are many ways to wish your loved one a happy Valentines. We know many people are of the opinion that it's Valentine’s Day every day. You have 364 days to express your love, however, because this is a globally commemorated day, we advise you to go that extra mile and make this day memorable.  Set the mood for this special day and wish your loved one a Happy Valentine's day through a call, WhatsApp message, or text message. Dedicate your Facebook wall and IG to declare your love and to show that they are top of mind. You can go the traditional route and buy a card and write them a personalised message. For WhatsApp messages, try and avoid sending forwarded messages - it kills the mood.

Be on Time

The biggest turnoff is showing up late for a date. As the adage says, time is of the essence. Ensure that you are on time for your date. Being late is the worst way to start off a date and shows total disregard for the next person. Get ready for your date in advance. Check the weather, check for traffic and anything else that might cause you to delay. Set an alarm ( 2 ) two hours in advance to give yourself ample time to prepare for the date and avoid last minute disappointments.


With Facebook, Instagram flooding our feeds,   majority of people can't live without their phones. Cellphones are the most revered human inventions- but they come with their fair share of controversy. When you go for a date ensure there is minimum use or zero use of phones. Put your phone on vibrate, or on silentto prevent creating unnecessary noise in the event your cell phone rings. Only pick up your phone if it's an extreme emergency. It is courteous to advise the next person about who you are talking to. If you fiddle with your phone you might look like you are not interested in your date and would rather be elsewhere. 


Some are known for disappearing during the Valentine’s season or planning business trips. Newsflash!!! Celebrate the month of love and romance through gifts on this monumental day. Depending on the nature of the relationship, no need to break the bank at times. You can give a small gift to someone you have been seeing for a few weeks/months e.g. a card. If you are married or you have been dating for more than a year, you can go all out. Or if it’s an apology, Mmm, you can go that extra mile depending on wakaitei/sok’hambelana lokhuthi wayenzani. Upgrade their mobile phone, buy fragrance, clothes or even a car etc. The key is to get him/her a gift.

Ordering Food

Whether you planning a home cooked meal or going to a fancy restaurant, avoid choosing food for your date. Unless if you and your date agreed that you are ordering food for both of you. It's polite to suggest a dish on a menu than ordering food without his or her consent. The pitfall is you might order a dish that has ingredients they are allergic to. 

Don't risk being in the single lane by breaking the basic etiquette rules.