Five (5) Ways To Dress Up Your Baby Bump

Farirai Macheka • 1 July 2019

5 Ways To Dress Up Your Baby Bump

By Farirai Macheka

Congratulations, you are expecting! Being pregnant is the most thrilling experience. If you are a fashion fiend like us it’s the best time to dress it up and show it off. The rule of thumb is you don’t have to sacrifice or compromise your  dress sense because of your baby bump. Wondering how to dress up your baby bump? Feeling cute is high on the priority list of a pregnant woman. Here is what to wear during those oh-so interesting preggy months.


Let's face it, as the baby grows, comfort is the most important thing to consider. Splurge on stylish flowy dresses and camisole tops so that you aren’t investing too much in items you will not wear after birth. We guarantee you can still rock these stylish maternity clothes post pregnancy. Just make sure that you don’t compromise on comfort when dressing up. It’s more important than anything!


If you have always imagined yourself as part of the Bold and the beautiful cast then this is as good a time as any to splurge on colour. Experiment with fun colours and resist the urge to drape yourself in black and grey. Experiment with bright, bold colours and look for hues that you might not normally choose. Wearing colours you've never worn before is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy and can be mood lifter – now who wouldn’t want that?

Do you, be you

You speaking to the converted. We are true believers in staying true to what makes you feel stylish and beautiful. Even though you're pregnant, you're still YOU. If you loved skinny jeans and fitted tops, ripped denims, leggings or shirt dresses before you became pregnant, don't be afraid to rock similar styles throughout your pregnancy. Switch it up and look like the yummy mama you are supposed to be.

If it stretches, own it

From elastic waist leggings, jeans to maxi dresses, anything with an elastic waist is your best friend during pregnancy. Being a stretchy material, elastane ensconces you within its folds without making you look too bulky or big. Instead, it accentuates your curves and helps you look elegant and happily pregnant!

Don’t compromise on your wardrobe because of your baby bump. It’s the one time you will feel proud of your protruding belly. Live it up! With a little creativity and lots of attitude, you can still look stylish and fashionable while dressing your bump!