9 Must Haves Every Men Should Own.

Kuda Madede • 26 September 2019

By Farirai Macheka


Welcome to the gentleman`s club and we are going to give you a brief run-down of the necessities for every man.  The list is not exhaustive but we have done the legwork for you - it’s good to get you going.

Power Suit


You have been called in for your next big job interview? Or the invite to cousin Gloria`s wedding says come formally dressed? You have no idea on what to wear? This is where your tailored suit comes in a.k.a the Power Suit’. Take notes from our beloved TV characters Ghost from Power, Harvey Specter (Suits), James Bond, one thing they have in common is the Power Suit. This is your perfect trump card if you are looking to move up in the world or to make a statement. When buying a suit you need to do it right, make sure your suit is tailored to fit your silhouette and go for neutral colors like navy, grey or black.

Chinos and Jeans


Meet the life saversJ. If you want to add a little flair to your wardrobe then denim or chino pants are the way to go. You can pair them with checked shirts and brogues or sneakers if you want to dress down. They are timeless pieces that can transition from casual to smasual.


White Sneakers


You don’t really need to own all the designer sneakers unless you need them for decoration. If you are going to buy a pair of sneakers or more make sure you include the crisp white sneakers. It’s better to have white sneakers that you can pair off with virtually anything than different pairs that you barely wear. Trust us the white sneakers are your to go to shoe. Just make sure you clean them regularly.



Word from the fashion streets, if your pants have belt loops wear a belt. Like good shirts and dress socks, quality belts made from leather are a must have. Belts are a necessary investment for every adult men. Key  tip: Always match your belt with your shoes.




Thanks to technology, the watch seems to have been discarded to the dusty past. Yes, you could check the time on your cell phone or your tablet, or your laptop or the positioning of the sun, but a wrist watch is a must. Consider it the granddad of all accessories.




Women like men who smell good, we guess you already know that. If you can`t do it for anyone else do it for yourself. Find a fragrance that is uniquely you and expresses your individuality. Just don`t douse yourself in it.  For the cologne to last longer spray on the pulse areas - the wrists, neck and your chest. Just make sure you smell good.


Grooming Kit


Nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, nail file, sound familiar? Unless, you have a live-in barber or you own a beauty salon consider this an essential tool kit for you. Real men take time with their overall appearance and hygiene.


Bedding Linen


So you are still holding on to the bedding linen you used since Form (1) up to University? Hmmm. We bet our last bottom dollar that your priced possessions are now thread bare and discolored. Invest in quality bedding linen to use whenever you have guests or when the one who makes your heart skip beats comes for sleepovers. Wink! A good rule of thumb is you should own 2 or 3 pairs so that you rotate them.


A travel Bag


We really understand your relationship with your backpack and gym bag. Let’s be honest, you have graduated from these. Whether you are heading for a weekend getaway or a company retreat you need a respectable bag to toss your things into.


With these you are bound to top the most organised guy list.