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Hygiene Tips For New Born Babies

Congratulations are in order for your new born baby. We know you are ecstatic about the birth of your cute little baby but sometimes you wish they came with a manual. They say these little ones will make the visits to the doctors more frequent but you also want to minimise the trips as much as possible. Here are some hygiene rules to make sure that your bundle of joy stays healthy:

Bathing the baby

Giving a small, wiggly baby a bath can make some parents nervous, but by being calm and prepared you will become comfortable with the process. Bath time is a special bonding experience between you and your baby. New-born babies should only be bathed once or twice a week. Bathing your baby more than this may dry out the baby’s skin. It is adviseable to give your baby a sponge bath using a soft wash cloth and gentle soap until the umbilical cord has fallen off. During bath time, never leave your baby alone, not even for a few seconds. Have all the bath items within arm's reach before you begin.

Prewash clothes

Clothes, blankets and other baby clothing and accessories you bought from the shop and the ones you got as gifts don`t need to be washed, right? Before you put that cute little onesie or romper you got from your favourite cousin, there is need to prewash the clothes. Why? The clothes might have been exposed to bacteria or germs during the production and retail process, so to prevent the baby` s soft skin from being irritated or getting a rash, wash all items before baby wears or uses them for the first time.

Iron Clothes

Washing baby`s clothes with detergent is not enough, your next armour of protection is ironing them. Baby`s skin is sensitive and delicate - always iron or steam clothes after every wash. the heat also helps to eliminate trapped moisture (which is perfect breeding ground for menacing organisms) and also kills any remains of bacteria. When ironing, follow the instructions on the clothing labels.

Washing Hands

Adopt healthy handwashing hygiene – more so during this Corona Virus pandemic era. With the Covid19 pandemic having transformed the way we view hygiene, washing hands frequently is now the new norm. Always wash your hands before handling the baby, before feeding, after changing diapers etc. Babies` immune system is susceptible to infections so it is crucial to go the extra mile on good hygiene.


Babies grow so fast, so do their nails. The scratches and the pinches when breasts feeding can be a bit painful especially if it`s from your bundle of joy. No need to bite the nails off!! Trim them off with a special nail clipper or baby nail scissors. To make sure that you clip the nail without hurting the baby, someone can hold the baby` s hand while you get the job done. Alternatively you can trim the nails when the baby is sleeping.

Minimise Visitors

No one can resist the urge to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and we all want to see that cuteness. Hold that thought!! As a mother it is important to protect your baby by minimising the number of people who come to visit your baby. By allowing visitors, you run the risk of your baby coming in contact with someone who may be unwell.. Earn extra points by ensuring that your child is not exposed to large groups of people before (6) six weeks. You protect your child from everyday infections like common colds especially during this Covid-19 Season.