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Grooming Habits Every Men Should Add To His Routine

There is something attractive about a man who goes that extra mile to look good. Gents, it’s worthwhile to spend those minutes to look your best. Here are 6 things that should be part of your everyday routine,


A man's nails should always be short, unless if you are trying to morph into Wolverine Countless times I find myself unconsciously reaching for an imaginary nail clipper whenever I bump into a grown male with long nails. You don't need to accompany your girl to the manicurist, all you need is a set of nail clippers, scissors and nail filer. Your hands are a window to your grooming routine. Long and dirty finger nails are absolute deal breakers.


The temperatures have dipped and mornings can be toasty but skipping a bath is not an option. Depending on your activity level, you will need one or two showers a day. Limiting them to 5-10 minutes. Bathing helps to refresh and relax muscles, get rid of dead skin and dirt. Not showering enough can cause body odor or skin break-outs. The water should not be scalding hot as you risk stripping your skin of the protective layer.

Investing in a fragrance

Do you smell something? Your grooming arsenal should have antiperspirant spray, roll-on, and your favorite good fragrance. Your fragrance is not supposed to make an entrance before you do. It’s supposed to complement not knock people dead. When the seasons change so should your fragrance. Swap your summer sweeter scents with woody spicy fragrances. Every guy needs a signature scent that exudes an air of mystery.

Taming the Mane

Overgrown nose hair, armpit hair, facial hair and your brows are about to get married (unibrow)? If you are guilty of theese then let's get 'plucking'. The giant hair sticking out from your nose and scraggly unkempt beard is unappealing. Invest in electrical beard and nose trimmers. It might look like you are going overboard but it's a necessity. If you have no trimmer no problem you can reach out for a scissors. Never shave against the growth direction. Visits to your favorite barber are a must for that groomed and polished look.

Rotating Shoes and Socks

Repeating socks and shoes can work against you. You need to put your best foot forward, proper foot hygiene is an essential part of your routine. Exfoliate and dry your feet properly especially between the toes after showering, so that you don't get athlete’s foot. A clean pair of socks and rotating shoes will prevent bad odor from developing. For your comfort and good smelling feet you can buy 6-10 pairs of socks especially cotton ones that absorb sweat and allow feet to breathe. When it comes to shoes have a variety to choose from - sneakers, dress shoes, boots and sandals are a must and they should grace your shoe rack.

Oral Hygiene

We are talking brushing, flossing, gargling mouth wash. Though we are living in the masking up era that’s not an excuse for not brushing your teeth – do not torture yourself. Change your toothbrush after every three (3) months. Good oral hygiene should be engrained in you!!