Jet Thank U


Get So Much More Than Just A Thank U

  • Earning Loyalty Points
    Ordinary Points
    • To enjoy the rewards of the Loyalty program the customer has to register for Thank U in the store.
    • Registration is open to cash and credit accounts.
    • The Thank U program lets the customer earn 10 points for every dollar ($1) spent at any Jet or Edgars store in Zimbabwe.
    • The Loyalty member will earn Thank U points every time the shop at any Jet store.
    • See Illustration below;

      You spend
      You Earn
      RTGS $1
      10 Points
      RTGS $100
      1000 Points

    Double Points 2x points
    • Doubled Up Promotions - Our 2x (two times) promotions mean you accumulate twice the number of points you normally would on selected items and departments.
    • This means for every $1 you spend on selected items during the promotion period you earn 20 points instead of 10.
    • The Doubles points will be earned for the duration of the promotion only.
    • This promotion is valid for the duration of the promotion only.
    • Bonus points may be earned or awarded at Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe's discretion and campaign criteria and spend thresholds must be satisfied.
    • Customer points balances will be available in-store at the point-of-sale terminals.
    • Please note that points are earned immediately at point of purchase.
    • Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe reserve the right to change the terms of the program, at its discretion. Due notice will be given of any changes.

    X10 Points
    • We splash out on 10x (ten times) points, which means you can earn ten times the Thank U points you normally would. That’s ten times more to spend later!
    • For example - Get 10 times Thank U points when you spend $500 or more from the 24th -26th of May.
  • Spending Loyalty Points
    1. Once your points balance reaches 1000 points, you will be able to spend your points by advising the cashier that you wish to use points as a trade discount against your cash or account purchase. Your points balance will be reduced by the equivalent value spent.
    2. A customer can decide to redeem the 1,000 points they have earned or accumulate the points and redeem at 2,000 or 3,000 points. Each 1,000 point accumulation is equivalent to a RTGS$1 discount on the next purchase.
    3. A minimum of 1000 points is required per points redemption
    4. 1000 = $1 meaning if you redeem 1000 points you get $1 discount
    5. Points can be redeemed on any brands unless specified on a running promotion. To avoid disappointment please enquire with our sales staff.
    6. Certain products are exempt from redemption and Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe may amend this list from time to time at their discretion.
    7. Customer points, balances and points redemption information will be available in-store at till points.
    8. Egdars and Jet Zimbabwe reserve the right to change the conversion value of points at any time, at its discretion. Due notice will be given on any changes.

    Pumped Up Points
    • This is a reward given to customers at the point of spending their rewards/points.
    • If the customer has accumulated 1,000 points they get to redeem a discount of double that value = 2,000 translating to 2%.
    • Pumped up points are valid for the duration of the promotion
  • Validity of Loyalty Points
    1. Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe reserve the right to purge points on any Thank U Account that has been inactive (i.e. no points earned or redeemed) for a period of 12 (twelve) consecutive months.
    2. All Thank U Points earned but not redeemed within 36 (thirty six) months will be subject to automatic expiry.
    3. Points attached to a lost or damaged card can be transferred to your new card provided they have been spent (due to theft or any other means) prior to reporting the lost/damaged card and obtaining a new card, replacement card. This can be done in-store at the Customer Services counter in participating stores.
    4. Points earned for transactions where goods are later returned will be deducted from your points balance on your Thank U Rewards Account.
    5. Egdars and Jet Zimbabwe, at their sole discretion, may choose to boost your points for a limited period from time to time. Any extra points not used within the time limit will be removed from your balance at the end of the promotion.
    6. Points balances on deliquent or accounts in arrears will not be available for redemption or to spend until such time as the account arrears have been settled in full.
    7. You may cancel your membership of the programme at any time at any Service counts. When exiting the programme you will forfeit any points already earned but not yet redeemed.
    8. Upon death of a Member, written notification must be provided to Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe, upon receipt of which the account will be closed and the points forfeited. This can be done at the Customer Services counter in-store.
  • Terms & Conditions
    1. Edgars and Jet Thank U Rewards program is operated by Edgars Store Limited Zimbabwe at all times.
    2. The Thank U Rewards Programme is valid at participating Edgars and Jet stores in Zimbabwe. Participating Edgaras and Jet Stores can be added or removed at Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe's discretion.
    3. The Thank U Rewards Programme is not open to employees of Edgars Stores Limited and their immediate family.
    4. For all exisiting Edgars Stores Limited and Jet Zimbabwe card holders, Jet Zimbabwe has the right to market and communicate with you and to share your personal information.
    5. If you are interested in joining the Thank U Rewards Programme you will need to complete the necessary application form and submit this including your valid identity number or passport number, telephone or cellphone contact number and postal address - to any participating store.
    6. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their personal and contact details are correct at all times in order to receive Thank U offeres and promotions. If you change your contact details and do not inform Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe, the company cannot be held responsible if you do not receive your personalised offeres. You must inform your nearest store of any change of contact details.
    7. Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards. If you lose your card, this must be reported at any Edgars and Jet Store Service Centre, where the lost or damaged card will be replaced free of charge.
    8. Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe reserve the right to terminate the programme at any time, subject to a 30 day notice period.
    9. Should Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe terminate the programme for any reason whatsoever, cardholders will be duly notified and will have the opportunity to redeem their points within 6 months of date of terminnation of the programme.
    10. Your Thank U Points may not be used for accounts payments, not be exchanged for cash nor credit; and no change will be given on points redeemed and used as a trade discount against the purchase of goods.
    11. Points earned on one Thank U Rewards Card may not be transferred to another Thank U Rewards Card at any given time.
    12. Thank U Rewards Cards and Thank U Points may not be sold or transferred to another party.
    13. Abuse of the programme entitles Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe to cancel your membership and you will forfeit any rewards points earned. Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe reserve the right to lay criminal charges for illegal of fradulent use of the card or programme.
    14. Participating stores in the Edgars Zimbabwe Group may use your purchasing information in conjuction with information about you provided by third parties for market and product analysis, in order to generate statistical reports for internal and external use. These reports are aggregated and will not contain any personal information that identifies you.
    15. Customers may earn and spend points in any Edgars and Jet Stores in Zimbabwe.
    16. Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe reserve the right to direct certain promotions to a specific target group.
    17. A Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe Thank U Rewards Card may only be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    18. Edgars and Jet Zimbabwe reserve the right to make changes to the loyalty programme and to ammend the programme's Terms and Conditions as they see fit.