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How to Get Rid of Body Odour

Bad Body odour can be distressing to you and the people around you. Not only is it embarrassing but drags your confidence levels down. Telling someone that they smell bad is the most “uncultured” or classified under the most uncomfortable topics. Some have gone to the extent of consulting the Wiseman from Facebook and Google on how to broach the bad body odour topic. To avoid being subject of office gossip, family discussions, on being the smelly guy or lady, we have come up with remedies on fighting odour. You will thank us later.


Underarm odour is very irritating as it is not confined to your armpits only but spreads to the whole body. If you have had a moment where you sniff yourself out wondering if you are smelling great? Then antiperspirant is for you. According to Sarah Pangin “It prevents you from sweating and masks the bad odour. Anti-perspirants and deodorants work on reducing the amount of sweat your body emits”

Antibacterial Soap

We all have our all-time favourite soaps, and somehow we have used them from childhood up to adulthood. But once you sense that you have bad odour you need to change the soap that you use for bathing. There is that epic need to bath it off. Yes some believe bathing will help get rid of the bad body odour. It’s not bathing 10 times per day that will do the work and neither will the ordinary bath soaps achieve the desired result. Antibacterial soaps will help you to get rid of body odour. You need to lather the whole body with soap every day.

Bicarbonate of Soda

There are some inexpensive home remedies that can assist in getting rid of body odours. Bicarbonate of soda helps eliminate foul smells, leaves you feeling clean, and fresh. Bicarbonate of Soda works magic when it comes to getting rid of bad body odour and it is the most inexpensive method. There are no special additional ingredients that you need to use together with Bicarbonate of soda. You simply apply it by rubbing it on your armpits and you are good to go.

Shoes and Socks

If you wear closed shoes and socks without alternating them then this is for you. There is general misconception that armpits are the source of the offensive body smells. Bad body odour can emanate from shoes if you do not wear open shoes as feet tend to sweat a lot if they are closed. The sweat in shoes does not evaporate making it a perfect place to harbour bacteria that causes body odour. There is need to wear shoes and socks on rotation ensuring that you air the shoes to prevent odours.

Shaving Off Armpit Hair

Shave!! Shave!! Shave!!Shave!! Some rock their armpit hair as if it is the coolest accessory that they own. Armpit hair is a good place for bacteria to breed causing bad odour. For good body hygiene, it is a necessity to ensure that armpit hair is shaved off consistently and the underarms are washed – reducing body odour. “Because hair is porous, it readily absorbs odours. If you've ever sat around a campfire or spent time in a smoke-filled bar, you'll know it doesn't take long for hair to absorb the smell. Underarm hair can trap moisture, too, creating a swampy environment that odour-causing bacteria revel in.


Some of us have turned into foodies and certain types of foods can contribute to bad body odour. There is a direct link with what one eats and body odour. According to Christina Simonetti in an article titled 8 foods that make you stink, “Eating foods with certain chemical elements can seriously intensify that odour to an almost unbearable level. More bad news: Some of these foods are super healthy and most people should have them in their diet. The good thing is that the odour is temporary.” Avoid junk foods, broccoli, red meat, fatty foods, strong smelling foods like garlic, so that you do not put up stink.