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Winter Footwear& Footcare

Whether you accept it or not, folks, the dreaded season is here. Winter is upon us and it's time we take measures to take care of ourselves. We all know how harsh this time of the year can be and without proper care, we might be left with regrettable consequences.

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Minimal attention has been paid to our footsies over the time and it's time we shift our focus to them as they get affected as much as the rest of your body during Winter. Boots and socks become the order of the day, everyday. We'd do well to choose these carefully! I've heard some fashionistas talking of buying boots two sizes larger so as to accommodate other Winters to come. I discourage this very much. As much as feet will need to breathe, your true size is the best to hold the foot in place and avoid unnecessary friction, as this will cause blisters. You should be able to move your toes inside your boots or wiggle them a bit. If you don't know your proper size, shoe shops often help with proper measurements of your foot, making it easier for one to buy their proper size. Socks, as essential footwear, need to be chosen carefully too. Natural fabrics like cotton and wool are highly recommended. Synthetic fabrics can cause feet to sweat a lot thus causing unpleasant smells. With the heavy material of Winter boots and thick socks, feet will definitely sweat and if not handled with care, smells may come up. It's wise to incorporate more foot baths in Winter and foot powders will be ideal in between your toes before you put on socks.

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Skin covering the feet is just like skin from any part of the body and it needs to be taken good care of. You don't need expensive pedicures to have those smooth footsies. Simple DIYs can go a long way. It's always advisable after that long day in those leather boots and thick socks to soak your feet in warm soapy water. A bit of sea salt will help regain the lost moisture from the feet. Gently working on your feet with a pumice for a minute or two will help get rid of any dead skin. Toes are important part of the feet especially the nails and in between. After a good soak, trim your toe nails, file them properly and deal with those hard calluses. Avoid cutting the cuticle but pushing them a bit back and removing the dead skin is the ideal way. Dirt and bacteria can be found under these toe nails so an old toothbrush can do wonders if you gently brush upwards and removing the dirt stuck under there. Applying cuticle oil especially containing tea tree oil will help keep the nails moisturised and repair damaged nails. Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly afterwards, and a yummy moisturizer would be the best finishing touch; massage it into your feet, concentrating on the heels and length of your toes, as these dry easily.

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Last but not least, some of these tips will help you have those smooth and amazing feet come Summer. Eating healthy, especially taking in enough vitamins, can contribute to having strong and healthy nails. Keeping hydrated can also help our feet keep moisturized. It is also advised that once in a while we rest our feet from the high heels and fitting work shoes, and treat them to flats and loose fitting shoes so that they can relax. As much as this is an obvious point, repeating it won't hurt. Finally, avid Summer shoes in Winter. Those open shoes might look amazing on you but they'll definitely damage your feet. We wouldn't want you crying of frostbite, now would we? Keep those footsies warm and healthy!